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The start and finish, parking and registration are conveniently located in the parking lot of Crane Beach.

The North Shore 10 miler at Crane Beach is a unique “lolli-pop” loop course. The first 1.5 miles run upcastle-pics copy and around historic Castle Hill. Perched high above beautiful Crane Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, you will run past a 20th century Country Estate called The Great House on the Crane Estate.  Breathtaking views will be had along the half-mile-long manicured lawn called The Grand Allée.  After the race be sure to go for a tour in the Great House a national treasure, this magnificent mansion offers an opulent glimpse of the Crane family’s life in the roaring 20’s.

Not to worry, the climb up Castle Hill is only about 4 tenths of a mile and it goes up to an elevation of about 130 feet.  This is the only medium hill on the course.  The rest of the course is gently rolling with a total elevation gain of less than 50 feet.

Next you will go past pretty Rantoul Pond on your right as you get into gear on miles 2-4 on gently rolling Argilla road.  Be sure to be on the lookout for local wildlife as you are in the Crane Wildlife Refuge.   Long distance marsh views of  the Crane Wildlife Refuge also include seven islands in the Essex River Estuary: Choate, Long, Dean, Dilly, Pine, Patterson, and Round island.

This mix of salt marsh and coastal islands is perfect for kayakers and other boaters, who can also follow trails that explore Choate Island and Long Island.

From mile 4 – 6 are a loop on Northgate road to Essex road to Heartbreak road.  These are all tree lined nice rural roads bounded by stone walls and nicely landscaped residential homes.

Mile 6 to the finish find you back on Argilla road which has it’s own share of large working farms, stone walls and picturesque homes.  Finish strong going into the Crane Beach Parking area.